Airplane food tray

„flyeatery“ („fly“ + „eat“) is a new packaging design concept for an airplane food tray. It gains a lot more space and helps people to have a more organized and clean experience of eating airplane food.

since it has to fit in fixed dimensions for fitting in the food-trolleys and on the single seat tables, it has a folding solution, that fits perfectly in the trolleys and afterwards gains space upwards when it’s unfolded at the seat. Due to its special shape it folds almost automatically in 90° and clicks-in at the backside.

It creates two levels, the upper one for drinks, rubbish and supplements like salt and sugar, the lower part offers space for the dishes. It’s possible to organize your food in a way of pulling the dish you are eating towards you, and the other ones backwards.

After finishing the meal, it gets returned closed, to transport it again easily in the food-trolleys.

The packaging also respects economic aspects. that’s why it doesn’t have to be thrown away after usage. Just by pulling again when it’s unfolded, it converts into a single plain piece of Polypropylen and can be washed very easily in a tub.

The graphic design gives the client full transparency about the food they are eating. It shows the ingredients and its nutrition facts to give information about the product.

on the front side there is a little info graphic, which explains the folding system to the user.


Illustration by Theresa Richter.